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1. Expression of interest/Consultancy for conducting Base Line Study (BLS) of Project.
2. Expression of interest/Consultancy for prepairing Environmental and Social Management Farmework (ESMF) of Project.
3. Expression of interest/Consultancy for prepairing Project Implementation Plan (PIP) of Project.
4. Expression of interest/Consultant for verification and certification of Bio carbon Sub - Project.
5. Expression of interest/Consultant for documentation of Good Practices, Success Stories and Learning of HPMHWDP ( CREDIT NO. 4133-IN & 5159-IN )
6. Expression of interest/Consultant for final impact assessment study of the Project(HPMHWDP). ( CREDIT NO. 4133-IN & 5159-IN )
7. Expression of interest/Consultant for market development and support agency in HPMHWDP. ( CREDIT NO. 4133-IN & 5159-IN )


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